Detroit – August 2008 – Tiger Stadium Demolition

Tiger Stadium in Detroit was the baseball stadium for the Tigers from 1927 until 1999, when Comerica Park opened across downtown. Preservation folks tried in desperation to save the old stadium, but in the end they failed, and the stadium was demolished.

We happened by there in the middle of the demolition schedule, so we saw a half standing landmark.

2008 08 16 101 Detroit Tiger Stadium.jpg


2008 08 16 102 Detroit Tiger Stadium.jpg


2008 08 16 103 Detroit Tiger Stadium.jpg


2008 08 16 104 Detroit Tiger Stadium.jpg


Nearby is the Michigan Central Railway Terminal – a huge old vacant office building that was the main railway station for Detroit. At the time it was derelict, with all of the windows broken out.

There have been many restoration projects proposed, but none have gotten very far. They have repaired the roof to try and stabilize the building, as well as a large barbed wire fence to slow down the vandals.

2008 08 16 113 Detroit Michigan Central Station.jpg