Indianapolis – 2012 Road Trip – Day 1

UPDATE July 2020 – I am starting a project to add additional photos to older postings that had few photos….


With a wedding to attend in Colorado, tolerance for flying at a low, and enough vacation time to enjoy it, we embarked on a 3 week road trip.

Day 1 had us driving from Akron to Indianapolis. The drive to and past Columbus was uneventful, but as we approached Dayton the skies darkened, the winds picked up and the rain started coming down hard, enough to slow traffic to a crawl. Deciding to stop the MP3 player in the car and check for a local station we were surprised to hear tornado warnings for exactly where we were. Fortunately we didn’t encounter any damage, and we continued on to Indianapolis.

We stayed downtown – giving plenty of opportunity to check out the sights including the Soldier and Sailors Monument.

2012 06 30 8 Indianapolis.jpg



There are a number of public art displays throughout the city.

2012 06 29 Indianapolis 9




We proceeded directly to our hotel, a Comfort Suites, which sat directly to the west of Lucas Oil Stadium, a large indoor NFL stadium for the Indianapolis Colts. It was also convenient to Victory Field, the baseball stadium for the AAA Indianapolis Indians.

2012 06 29 Indianapolis 3.jpg


Victory Field was built as a retro park in the late 1990s, seats about 13,000 and has a commanding view of downtown Indianapolis (for whatever that is worth) as well as an old power station.

2012 06 29 Indianapolis 10.jpg



2012 06 29 Indianapolis 30.jpg



2012 06 29 Indianapolis 22.jpg


2012 06 29 Indianapolis 13



The stadium and game experience was nice, the crowd enthusiastic, and it was topped off with post game fireworks.

2012 06 29 Indianapolis 24.jpg



2012 06 29 Indianapolis 33.jpg



2012 06 29 Indianapolis 35.jpg