Denver – 2012 Road Trip – Day 5 – Things to Do In Denver

After the good time we had at the Missouri Botanical Gardens we decided to do the same in Denver. While it was a nice way to spend an hour or two, it did not come close to comparing to the one in St Louis.

2012 07 03 72 Denver Botanic Gardens.JPG


The Forney Museum of Transportation was our next stop. The museum maintains a collection of 500 exhibits. Its early years were focused on antique automobiles but the focus soon expanded to other modes of transport. The museum has a slogan, “Anything on Wheels”.

2012 07 03 168 Denver Forney Museum of Transportation.JPG


Among the collection is a large number of Indian Motorcycle and various bicycles.

2012 07 03 146 Denver Forney Museum of Transportation.JPG


Across downtown Denver we toured the Colorado State Capital. The building is intentionally reminiscent of the United States Capital.It was constructed in the 1890s from Colorado white granite, and opened for use in November 1894. The gold dome consists of real gold leaf, first added in 1908, commemorating the Colorado Gold Rush. It also has the ‘Mile High Step’ but it was later found to be slightly off, so there is a gold marker that is the correct elevation.


2012 07 03 188 Denver Colorado State Capitol.JPG

With a lot of daylight left we headed out of town, through Clear Creek Canyon and up into the mountains to Central City and Blackhawk. These two small towns were once mining camps, but now contain a number of large casinos. Since it was now dinner time we ate at one of the casino’s and headed back to Morrison for the night.


2012 07 03 255 Drive to Central City CO.JPG