Watkins Glen, NY – August 2012 – Laps at a Famous Racetrack

Watkins Glen, New York has been hosting racing events since 1948, initially on public roads. In the late 1950s the racecourse was built. From 1961 until 1980 the primary (or only) U.S. based F1 race was held at the Glen.

Today they run one of the few NASCAR road course races there, along with other road races. In addition they offer the opportunity to do a few (slow) laps around the track. Since I was passing by on my way to Boston I stopped by to check it out.

When I first arrived there was a Porsche Club out on the track (although none are seen in this photo).

2012 08 24 8 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg



Eventually we made our way onto the track

2012 08 24 26 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg



Down the main straight.

2012 08 24 28 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg



The starting line flagging station

2012 08 24 39 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg



Heading into a corner

2012 08 24 48 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg



Watkins Glen is set in the ridges of upstate New York.

2012 08 24 56 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg



The laps are done – heading into the pits.

2012 08 24 59 Watkins Glen Raceway.jpg