Columbus, IN – October 2013 – Architecture Tour

The small city of Columbus, Indiana is known for the depth and breadth of modern architecture and public art. This amazing collection is due to Irwin Miller, the 2nd CEO of Cummins, a diesel engine manufacturer.

Miller initially paid the architects fees if the firm select came from a list he approved. First used for schools, it was later expanded to other non profit and civic organizations.

The Cummins Headquarters is a fine example.

2013 10 25 19 Columbus Indiana.JPG


The interior is impressive as well with engines displayed from the ceiling detailing the components

2013 10 25 22 Columbus Indiana.JPG


The visitor center has an impressive glass art display as well.

2013 10 25 5 Columbus Indiana.JPG


An impressive sculpture adorns the center of a boulevard.

2013 10 25 32 Columbus Indiana.JPG


The local newspaper office.

2013 10 25 52 Columbus Indiana.JPG



City Halls curved glass wall provides numerous interesting reflections.

2013 10 25 57 Columbus Indiana.JPG


A ‘Gizmo’ in the local mall.

2013 10 25 62 Columbus Indiana.JPG


The Miller House and Garden was designed by Eero Saarinen in 1957. Unfortunately interior photography was prohibited.

2013 10 25 103 Columbus Indiana.JPG


2013 10 25 107 Columbus Indiana.JPG