Put in Bay, OH – August 2014 – Islanders for the Day

While I have been nearly everywhere in Ohio, as of August 2014 I had not been to any of the islands in Lake Erie. Since the weather was nice, and the lake was calm this was the day to fix that.

We made the drive from Akron out to Port Clinton where we caught an early Jet Express Ferry to Put In Bay. The Jet Express makes the 13 mile trip in 25 minutes.

2014 08 09 1 Put In Bay.jpg


Passing by a house made out of an old Freighter.

2014 08 09 5 Put In Bay.jpg



Arriving in Put in Bay, we immediately secured our transportation for the day, a golf cart.

2014 08 09 65 Put In Bay.jpg


Our first stop was Perry’s Column, a monument to Admiral Perry’s decisive victory in the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812. This monument is 352′ high, with a commanding view of the Ohio islands, as well as those in Ontario.

We were close enough as soon as I got to the top my phone said ‘Welcome to Canada’.

2014 08 09 16 Put In Bay.jpg



You could see all the way to Cedar Point

2014 08 09 19 Put In Bay.jpg



The rest of the day was spent touring Put in Bay, which plays up the ‘tropical paradise of Ohio’ marketing ploy…

2014 08 09 69 Put In Bay.jpg


2014 08 09 70 Put In Bay.jpg



We returned to Port Clinton just as the evening drinking crowd was arriving. From there we took the scenic route back along the Lake Erie shore, stopping in Marblehead at the lighthouse, where we were unable to go up because they were hosting a wedding!

2014 08 09 87 Marblehead Ohio.jpg


2014 08 09 88 Marblehead Ohio.jpg


This point offered a great view of Cedar Point across Sandusky Bay, as well as the crazy jet skiers blasting across the waves.

2014 08 09 81 Marblehead Ohio.jpg


Just to complete the entire lake experience we stopped in Lorain where there were a couple of tall ships docked for the evening.

2014 08 09 94 Lorain.jpg


2014 08 09 95 Lorain.jpg



2014 08 09 101 Lorain.jpg