Racine, WI – September 2014 – Frank Lloyd Wright House – Wingspread

Racine, Wisconsin is the home of Johnson Wax, where in 1936 famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright design a new administration building for the company. This building has many of FLW’s features, but in a change from the prairie style he had been doing has numerous curved Cherokee Red bricks that created the sweeping curves of the interior and exterior.

It remains to this day one of the his most noteworthy buildings.

2014 09 20 87 S C Johnson Racine WI.JPG

The owner of the company, Herbert Johnson, was so impressed he commission Frank to build him a home at the edge of Racine.

The 14,000 square foot home is set in the neighborhood of Wind Point, near Lake Michigan.

2014 09 20 102 FLW Wingspread House Racine WI.JPG

The living room is the center of the home, with four wings extending from this base.

2014 09 20 140 FLW Wingspread House Racine WI.JPG

As with most FLW homes there is a close integration of exterior and interior, with numerous patios and porches.

2014 09 20 156 FLW Wingspread House Racine WI.JPG

Another classic FLW feature was built in furniture.

2014 09 20 150 FLW Wingspread House Racine WI.JPG

Used today as a retreat and conference center for SC Johnson, Wingspread is one of the finest examples of FLW architecture I have seen.

2014 09 20 162 FLW Wingspread House Racine WI.JPG