Mt Vernon, OH – August 2015 – Car Show/Art Show

The next day was a bit slim on choices so we headed to Mount Vernon for what was supposed to be a major arts festival with a minor car show. It turned out to be a nonexistent art show with a nice car show.

On the way to Mount Vernon we stopped in the little town of Gambier to check out Kenyon College, famous for being a liberal arts college in the middle of nowhere. Paul Newman even went there. But it was small, and after about 15 minutes we had seen it all and headed over to Mount Vernon.

As mentioned we found little in the form of arts, and the first music act we saw was a Christian rock band with little skill. As we walked towards the center of the festival we did find a local Rotary club selling pork chop dinners, and they were very good, so at least I was fed.

2015 08 16 86 Mt Vernon Ohio.jpg


When we did get to the center of the festival we found a very nice car show that went for a couple of blocks in 3 directions. At the center was a classic rock cover band who was pretty good, with music that went with the classic cars.

At the Ye Old Mill we made our way into the Velvet ice cream shop to get some of their finest, which was good, but not Handels. Still it was a nice way to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon.

Generally one of the more disappointing days of the summer.