Bowling Green, Kentucky – National Parks Road Trip – Day 24 – Corvettes on the way back to Ohio

It is a six-hour drive from Nashville to Columbus, but I had a couple of stops planned. First up is the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This is the museum where eight classic corvettes fell through the floor because a 60-foot-long, 45-foot-wide, 30-foot-deep sinkhole opened up in February 2014. The museum recovered and rebuilt the museum to display six of the eight cars.

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One Corvette was restored and five are shown in their state of wreckage. Another Corvette is being restored. The sinkhole area is now a tall cylindrical building as a tribute tower for all who have contributed to the creation and promotion of the Corvette and exhibiting the fallen corvettes at the spot of the sinkhole. The museum also presented a history of the corvette of its development, design, and engineering.

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We were caught in a construction zone after Bowling Green on Interstate 65. This detour prevented us from seeing the Stonehenge of Kentucky in Munfordville, so we continued on to Lexington.

We reached Keeneland, a horse track, that was to host the Breeder’s Cup Race  in 2015, a month or so after our visit. The grounds are perfectly manicured and this facility has grass and dirt racetracks.

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2015 09 27 116 Lexington KY



The stands were open so we explored all, taking the elevator to the top floor of the grandstand to see the full view of the surroundings.  We drove around the grounds that encompassed acres of land and found the stables and then the library that has the largest collection of horse information in the country. We also saw statues of jockeys represented by their colors for the horse owners in the Breeder’s Cup.

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Our plans were to take us to the Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky but we were ready to go home and continued driving until we made it to Columbus. We spent 24 days together on the road without a minute break from each other; most people would call this a true test of marriage and we aced it while having one of the best vacations of our lives.

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