Southern Ohio – October 2015 – Historic Iron Furnaces & Down on the Farm

Buckeye Furnace is a reconstructed charcoal-fired blast furnace, one of many that once operated in southeastern Ohio’s Hanging Rock Iron Region. Originally built in 1852, it stopped being used in 1894, but has been reconstructed as close to originall as possible. In addition to the furnace there are other reconstructed buildings, a museum and nature trails.

Buckeye Furnace is located in small, sparsely populated Vinton County, in far southern Ohio. The drive down took us on miles of nice twisty two lane roads with little traffic, initially in the Hocking Hills.

After spending an hour or so exploring the area we moved on to our second event of the day, Bob Evans Farm Festival. For those not from Ohio, Bob Evans produced breakfast sausages in the 1960s before opening a chain of restaurants in the 1970s and 1980s, whose motto is ‘Down on the Farm’. While he passed away years ago the namesake farm still exists near Gallipolis, Ohio.

2015 10 10 25.jpg


One day each year they have a festival with crafts and music. Thinking we would show up and check out the sights we were stunned when we got within a mile and found stopped traffic, before being routed into a giant field full of cars, and a long line to get into the festival.

The festival’s music was sketchy at best, although we did eventually find one stage that had some decent bluegrass bands. The crafts were typical country crafts, which was to be expected, and the food booths had lines with about 100 people in them. All in all a bust, so we left and on the way home stopped at a Bob’s in Circleville.

Not one of our better days.