Columbus – November 2015 – Museum of Art – The Art of the Brick

Another cold sunny day – a good day to go to the Columbus Museum of Art. In what seems to be becoming the winter of Lego they too have a Lego exhibit, not nearly what the Cincinnati museum had, but impressive nonetheless. As we entered the Art Museum (free on Sundays!) we were greeted with Ohio Stadium out of Lego.

Another room held a Lego model of downtown Columbus, complete with most of the landmark skyscrapers, the museum itself, the State Capital, a White Castle, the Thurber House and even a Santa Maria – the replica of Christopher Columbus’s ship that was in the Scioto River for years, until they recently removed it when they renovated the riverfront.

2015 11 29 Columbus Museum of Art 10.jpg


2015 11 29 Columbus Museum of Art 12.jpg


As we toured the other galleries we saw an exhibit of 1970s contemporary celebrities and athletes done by Warhol in the typical Warhol look, Keeping Pace: Eva Glimcher and Pace/Columbus which shows the impact on Columbus arts by Eva Glimcher, who had relocated here from New York City in the 1970s, bringing a significant increase in the local arts.

Another exhibit included a work that was mirrors stacked above and below that gave the illusion you were looking up and down a massive structure.

2015 11 29 Columbus Museum of Art 50.jpg


After a stop for lunch at the Schokko Art Cafe (excellent food and service), we continued to an exhibit called Glass Magic, beautiful pieces of glass in various shapes and colors. We finished in the lower level where there was a display of folk art including an unusual piece that was a wooden ferris wheel with small skeletons in each seat.

As we returned to the car we tried to find one of the quirkier Roadside America sights in Columbus. Next door to the museum is CCAD, an art school. Outside the school they have a huge sculpture that spells out ART in 20′ high letters. Apparently if you stood in the parking lot of the art museum at the correct location a strategically placed telephone pole added an ‘F’ to the front of this – but unfortunately with the recent art museum expansion this telephone pole is no longer there, how disappointing.

2015 11 29 Columbus Museum of Art 90.jpg