Loudonville, OH – January 2016 – Winter Ice Carving Festival

The first full weekend of the year found us in the small town of Loudonville in northeastern Ohio. This small town is a popular tourist spot in the summer with canoeing, as well as a full service Ohio State Park Resort, Mohican.

For winter they now have a festival to pull in some tourist trade. This winter ice carving festival was to feature nearly 20 ice carvings but as I checked the weather forecast it called for unusually high temperatures in the mid 50s, so I thought if we were going to go we should go early since they might melt. How true that thought became.

2016 01 09  Loudenville Ohio Winter Festival 6.jpg


We arrived in town mid morning and did find a number of ice sculptures along Main Street along with a shed in the middle of their park where someone was still carving. It was disappointing that they were melting so fast, but it did add a surreal abstract effect to them.

2016 01 09  Loudenville Ohio Winter Festival 44.jpg


Having seen all of the sculptures we made our way to the town museum that highlighted two things; Charles Kettering and Flxible Buses. Kettering, a Loudonville native who was an engineer (186 patents) and businessman. He founded Delco and was in charge of GM research for 27 years, developing among other things the electric starter, leaded gasoline and Freon. Flxible built buses in Loudonville from 1913 to 1996, but they still have a loyal following who come to town once every two years for a gathering, including plans for summer 2016 – we will be there.

Overall a nice day but had the weather cooperated it could’ve been better. C’est la’vie.