Hocking Hills – January 2016 – Frozen Falls

After our brief stop at Brandywine Falls in northern Ohio the previous weekend and seeing how interesting the frozen waterfalls looked, we decided to go to Hocking Hills and check those out. As we headed down the first icy path I fell on my butt reminding me that sometimes adventure seeking is painful. But I recovered and we continued on.

This path, which was to lead us to Old Man’s Cave and the Lower Falls, was icy the entire distance but if you got off the trail onto the dirt it was much safer. Eventually we made it to the bottom and had our first view of an ice ‘sculpture’. There were seeming frozen waterfalls everywhere, with numerous streams of frozen water coming off the ledges. Eventually we made our way to the Upper Falls which provided even more opportunities for observing a variety of ice forms.

2016 01 31 34 Hocking Hills Ohio.jpg


Most were frozen from the top down, but in some instances where the water was hitting the ground in a pool and splashing up there would be little ice castles built on the ground. After moving to Ash Cave we found one of these ice castles that was over 6′ high.

2016 01 31 20 Hocking Hills Ohio.jpg


Other than a bruised ‘ego’, visiting Hocking Hills in the winter is a wonderful experience.

2016 01 31 41 Hocking Hills Ohio.jpg