Miamisburg, OH – February 2016 – Wright B Flyer & Fort Ancient Native Site

Located at the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport in Miamisburg is a small airplane hanger with a very special craft, a replica ‘Wright B Flyer‘. This plane, designated 0001, was built by volunteers and in the summer months is flown for public events or for donations

We arrived at the hanger mid morning, walking into a small display area that serves as their lobby. Immediately greeted by friendly volunteers, most of whom are retired pilots or aerospace engineers who are very proud of their craft.

Our guide was no different. After showing us around the lobby a bit we went into the hanger to the stunning view of a 1909 airplane, albeit one that has had a few modern safety features added to gain FAA approval for flight. He was very thorough in his explanation of the difference in the build of their aircraft, as well as the challenges in flying that the Wright Brothers, and their pilots have in this craft.

2016 02 06 9 Miamisburg OH Wright B Flyer.jpg



Also present in the hanger is a Ford Model T car and a non flying smaller 1/2 scale replica 1911 Wright B Valentine Flyer complete with two stuffed mannequins of Wilbur taking his 81 year old father for a flight.

From here we moved on to the nearby Fort Ancient, a collection of Native earthworks in Warren County. It iincludes the largest prehistoric hillstop enclosure in the United States. Built by the Hopewell somewhere between 100 BC and 500 AD it sits high on a hill overlooking the Little Miami River. Also at this location is a museum celebrating 1500 years of Native culture in the Ohio Valley. The museum, housing hundreds of artifacts from Native sites around Ohio, is very well done.

2016 02 06 53 Ft Ancient Ohio.jpg