New York – April 2016 – Another Week in the City

Back to Jersey City – with evenings to wander. This time though I went up early on Sunday to check out some sights. First stop was Liberty State Park, which as the name suggests is directly behind the Statue of Liberty. This area, as well as much of the waterfront of Jersey City, used to be industrial area, but has been revitalized. The park itself is nice, but the views are great of lower Manhattan and the statue. I was amazed to find that there is a bridge to Ellis Island, although it is not for use by tourists, only the workers.

2016 04 02 47 New York.jpg

Having spent Saturday night in the area I was up and in the city very early on a Sunday morning, finding 5th Avenue total void of people and cars, so much for the city that never sleeps, on Sunday morning they were sleeping in. Continuing over to the Garment District, where a street was closed for some filming complete with a block full of 1970s cars

2016 04 03 8 New York.jpg

Heading to Brooklyn, I spent a couple of hours at the New York Transit Museum, located in a decommissioned Court Street subway station in Downtown Brooklyn. The museum includes subway, bus, railway, bridge and tunnel memorabilia. As you move along through the station you find numerous vintage signs, models and other small items.

2016 04 03 59 New York.jpg

The lower level is by far the best part of the museum, with two rows of subway cars, beautifully preserved. The museum has a great collection, but on this day it was filled with hipster moms and dads and their hipster kids screaming as all kids do. Still worth it though.

2016 04 03 82 New York.jpg

Continuing on with a walk over to the Brooklyn Bridge, or more specifically,  under, where Jane’s Carousel is located along the river between the bridges (Manhattan Bridge being the other). This carousel was located at Idora Park in Youngstown until the park closed in 1984, where a couple purchased it and moved it to Brooklyn. After spending 25 years restoring it, it is now proudly spinning with a million dollar view of lower Manhattan.

2016 04 03 106 New York.jpg

The following day after work I made my way back to Brooklyn, to the Barclays Center for some hockey. Home of the New York Islanders since 2015, the game that night was against the Tampa Bay Lightning, with a ‘crowd’ of about 4000 people, despite the fact both teams were headed for the upcoming playoffs. The arena is a bit quirky for hockey, with some obstructed view seats and one entire end of the bowl void of any seats at all. But since I had my choice of 12,000 empty seats, multiple views for photography were had.

2016 04 04 43 New York.jpg

The following day found me in Queens for work, where my route took me through the grounds of the 1964 World’s Fair. This area still has some evidence of the fair, primarily the Unisphere, a large globe, as well as the Observation Tower prominently featured in the movie Men in Black. My route that day also took me past Citi Field, and a nearby subway rail yard.

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I spent my last evening there trying to find all the Roadside (Sidewalkside?) America sites I could find in Manhattan. These included a Giant Globe in the Daily News Building, Metal Rats running up a support cable at Grand Central, a Giant Chess Board on the side of a building, and a few others before ending up back downtown at the Occulus at the World Trade Center.

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