Oxford, OH – April 2016 – Kinetics and Sculptures

For a sunny spring day we went to the home of Miami University in Oxford Ohio, for a Kinetics Festival. On the way down we stopped off in Hamilton to check out some public art, mostly in the form of large sculptures. After a brief time in Hamilton we made our way to the college.

2016 04 18 2 Hamilton OH.jpg

The Oxford Kinetics Festival is a combination of art and mechanical, encouraging all to participate. For the most part if was decorated, or uniquely designed bicycles, but there were other events, such as a boxing bear (someone in costume), a guy walking across a 50′ long wire/rope and various events for the kids.

2016 04 18 118 Oxford OH Kinetics Festival.jpg

The most amusing part of the day was an event where people had their home made bicycles in a race around a parking lot where they would have to intermittently stop and perform feats while wearing animal heads. Also of note is a large two wheeled teeter totter that as they went up and down it would make the wheels turn and they would move across the field.

2016 04 18 171 Oxford OH Kinetics Festival.jpg

We had a good time and thought it was the greatest – until we reached Arcata, California a couple of months later.

2016 04 18 144 Oxford OH Kinetics Festival.jpg