Cincinnati – May 2016 – Bobbleheads and Bluegrass

Early May brought another trip to Cincinnati, with the first stop being the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame next door to their stadium, Great American Park. I have been to their Hall of Fame once before, and I am not even a Reds fan, but this day they had a collection of bobbleheads on display.

The Reds Hall of Fame and Museum’s bobblehead exhibit highlights the bobblehead craze through the display of a wide array of bobbleheads dating to the introduction of the collectible as a novelty item in the early 1960s. Bobbleheads come in an almost limitless variety of styles and have featured as subjects athletes, movie and television stars and political figures.

2016 05 07 Cincinnati 44 Reds Hall of Fame.jpg

The exhibit features all of the Cincinnati Reds bobbleheads that have been created as ballpark giveaways dating to the first set that was issued in 2001, plus every bobblehead issued by the Reds Hall of Fame.

Along with the Reds bobbleheads, the exhibit includes a selection of bobbleheads from other Major League teams as well as those from other sports and non-sports bobbleheads.

Over 700 different bobbleheads are on display, in display cases that have motors on them to vibrate the cases and make the bobbleheads bobble. They featured everyone from from the Pope to Edgar Allan Poe, Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler, as well as lots of politicians: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich, and one other bozo – “Bozo” the Clown.

2016 05 07 Cincinnati 57 Reds Hall of Fame.jpg

While we were there we took the opportunity to tour the museum, with Reds memorabilia from the 1800s until current times, including their World Series trophies, seats from old stadiums, and a collection of uniforms of famed Reds.

2016 05 07 Cincinnati 78 Reds Hall of Fame.jpg

As we made our way out of town we stopped at Lunken Field, an airport built in the 1920s that served as the main Cincinnati airport until 1947. It’s located near the Ohio River is prone to flooding, resulting in the nickname ‘Sunken Lunken’. The original control tower is still standing, making it the oldest standing control tower in America, although it is unused, replaced by one built in the 1960s.

2016 05 07 Cincinnati 104 Lunken Airport.jpg

Our other destination this day was an Appalachian Festival at an old amusement park east of Cincinnati called Coney Island. This festival is sponsored by the Appalachian Community Development Association, and features music on four stages, traditional dance and crafts.

2016 05 07 Cincinnati 113 Appalachian Festival.jpg

Also presented was a living history village with campers dressed in 1840’s clothing who’ll be demonstrating Appalachian mountain life 150+ years ago, as well as one miffed Native America on babysitting duty.

2016 05 07 Cincinnati 120 Appalachian Festival.jpg