Fairport Harbor, OH – July 2016 – Tall Ships

Every couple of years an organization coordinates the tour of ‘Tall Ships’, historically correct sailing ships that sail across the Great Lakes. With the Republican convention in Cleveland this year, they move the event to Fairport Harbor, a small town northeast of Cleveland in Lake County.

Fairport Harbor is a town of 3,000 people that had approximately 30,000 people per day show up for this event. While we were there early, and they had sold tickets ahead of time (we hadn’t pre-purchased tickets), the line to get in extended for blocks, primarily because of the security clearance requirements.

2016 07 09 7 Fairport Harbor OH Tall Ships.jpg

After 45 minutes, we were in! The grounds was a gravel lot with the ships lined up along the edge of the Grand River. Despite our lengthy entry wait, we were still ahead of the vast majority of the people so we were able to go through the first couple of ships without much of an additional wait.

2016 07 09 65 Fairport Harbor OH Tall Ships.jpg

Eventually we were able to tour four of the ships before we finally decided we had enough of the crowds, and dust. After leaving we crossed the Grand River and went into Mentor Headlands State Beach, where we worked out way out onto the jetty for the Grand River. From here we had an excellent view of the ships in port, heading in and out of the harbor, and out on the choppy lake. The view from Mentor Headlands was far better than the actual event site.

2016 07 09 85 Fairport Harbor OH Tall Ships.jpg

The Tall Ships are beautiful but this event was poorly planned and executed.

2016 07 09 109 Fairport Harbor OH Tall Ships.jpg