Muskingum Valley, OH – July 2016 -River Road Tour

For this trip we decided to take a drive all along the Muskingum River, which runs throughout Southeastern Ohio. Our first brief stop was at Dillon Dam, an Ohio State Park surrounding the man made lake above the aforementioned earthen dam. The visit was brief, a quick look at the lake, and below the dam, and we continued on our way.

2016 07 02 7 Dillon Dam.jpg

After passing through Zanesville Ohio Route 60 follows the river all the way to Marietta, our final destination of the day. At McConnellsville, 30 miles downriver from Zanesville, is a 1913 steel truss bridge. While no longer the main bridge for the town, it is nonetheless a classic looking structure and well worth the drive across. At the south end of town is the still functional Muskingum River Lock 7.

2016 07 02 19 Muskingum Valley.jpg

As we continued downstream we came to the Big Bottom State Historical Park. This location was the site of a Native American attack on settlers who were encroaching on their land, at the encouragement of the Federal government. Twelve settlers were killed, and war continued in this area for another 3 years, with this event often cited as starting the conflict. A monument exists in the small park along the riverfront.

2016 07 02 28 Muskingum Valley.jpg

When we arrived in Marietta we went straight to the Ohio River Museum. This museum celebrates the steamboat age of river traffic, with a timeline well documented as you enter the museum. Other exhibits on the museum grounds include the pilothouse from the steamboat the TELL CITY, a full-scale reproduction of a flatboat from Ohio’s early settlement period, and an 1800 dug-out canoe. Docked in the Muskingum River is the W.P. Snyder, the last intact steam powered pool type stern wheeled towboat in America.

2016 07 02 53 Marietta.jpg