Columbus – July 2016 – Really Cool Cars & Some Fast Women

Once again we stayed close to home with a morning at Easton, a lifestyle shopping center in Northeast Columbus. A lifestyle shopping center is one that is built like a small city, with streets throughout instead of the traditional enclosed mall. On this day they had closed off most of the streets for a high end car show – Porsche, Ferrari, Lambo’s, and more.

2016 07 30 3 Easton Rally for Buckeye Ranch.jpg

They were parked along the streets in the normal parking spaces, as though they had come to shop. With the excellent landscaping providing shade, and the more relaxed crowd it was a delight to see, and a perfect setting for photography

2016 07 30 28 Easton Rally for Buckeye Ranch.jpg

It was all being held in benefit of Buckeye Ranch, a treatment center for the emotional, behavioral, and mental health services for children, young adults and families. A good cause and a great event.

2016 07 30 49 Easton Rally for Buckeye Ranch.jpg

Not far away in Westerville was the Women’s Premier Soccer League championship tournament. The WPSL is an independent highly competitive national league whose main focus is on the development of highly competitive premier women’s soccer teams.

2016 07 30 103 Westerville WPSL Semi Finals.jpg

We watched Chicago play Boston, with all of the players having been collegiate athletes before graduating and moving into the workplace. Some of the players are paid, others do it for the love, but all were very good soccer players.

2016 07 30 145 Westerville WPSL Semi Finals.jpg