Loudenville, OH – July 2016 – Flxible Bus Gathering

As mentioned in a previous posting when we went to Loudenville for the melting ice sculpture festival, Flxible buses had been built there for a number of years. Many people have bought old buses and transformed them into RVs, the most famous being used in the Robin William movie RV. Once every two years a large group of them gather in Loudenville for a reunion.

2016 07 16 Loudenville OH Flxible Bus Roundup 10.jpg

After a brief stop at Mohican State Park, we arrived in ‘downtown’ Loudenville, where we found a nice spot in the shade and waited the 30 minutes or so for the parade to start. The parade was lead off with a local police car, followed by a 1960s Hearse – then you saw them – 15 somewhat smelly, somewhat noisy, but beautiful, lumbering giants coming down the hill.

2016 07 16 Loudenville OH Flxible Bus Roundup 37.jpg

Some of the exteriors were restored to look original to the 1950s or 1960s, but most had very decorative paint jobs. One, clearly a Texan, had an outline of the state painted like the flag with a comet sailing down the side to a porthole for the bathroom outlined with another large star. A field of stars adorned the bottom half of the bus. Most had unique named, like a purple bus called Plum Crazy, another was Ruthie.

2016 07 16 Loudenville OH Flxible Bus Roundup 93.jpg

We sat next to some of the family members who had come in from all over the United States. They told us there was an open house immediately following the parade at the campgrounds just south of town where everyone was staying. So after the 15 minute parade we moved to the campgrounds where we enjoyed an hour of checking out the variety of interior finishes, as well as the very proud owners talking about their effort in their restorations. Most of the interiors appears to have been restored in the 1980s.

2016 07 16 Loudenville OH Flxible Bus Roundup 80.jpg

Our return trip focused on staying on small township or state highways, resulting in a pleasing hour drive back to town. If you find yourself in Loudenville, Ohio in July of even numbered years, a visit to the Flxible Bus Gathering is recommended.

2016 07 16 Loudenville OH Flxible Bus Roundup 126.jpg