Newark, OH – September 2016 – Bluegrass Festival

One of my favorite quotes from the movie Blues Brothers is where they end up at Bob’s Country Bunker, and Jake asks the lady there what kind of music do you have here? Why both kinds, Country and Western! I love it because I am not a country music fan, but I do on occasion enjoy bluegrass (no whining in bluegrass)

I found that there was a festival called Bluegrass on Main Street on Church Street in Newark, Ohio. Basically they shut down a block of a street, usually Main Street but it was under construction so they moved to Church Street.

2016 09 24 42 Newark OH Bluegrass Festival.jpg


As we got off the freeway in Newark we found the entire courthouse area blocked from construction, but we eventually found somewhere to park and walked to the Courthouse Square where we went to lunch at Park Place Bistro, which was surprisingly upscale and contemporary for downtown Newark, Ohio.

After lunch we made our way over to the festival area, arriving as a group called T N T Bluegrass was playing. Based out of Columbus, they featured two guitars, a mandolin and a banjo, putting on an entertaining hour long show.

2016 09 24 6 Newark OH Bluegrass Festival.jpg


Next up was a group from Dennison University took the stage, consisting mostly of students, but lead by a couple of professors. For young musicians they were quite good, although their set seemed shorter than the others.

2016 09 24 21 Newark OH Bluegrass Festival.jpg


The last group we watched was Michael Cleveland and his band. Michael is a blind fiddle player who has won numerous honors, which were well deserved as he was very good. His band, all dressed in suits on this hot September day, were strong in backing him.

2016 09 24 26 Newark OH Bluegrass Festival.jpg


All in all we enjoyed our few hours of bluegrass in the middle of a street in Newark, Ohio.

2016 09 24 33 Newark OH Bluegrass Festival.jpg