Steubenville, OH – December 2016 – Giant Nutcrackers

Christmas eve found us making a quick trip to Steubenville to see a collection of giant themed nutcrackers. But first we made a few stops, starting in the small town of Dresden, where there is yet another giant basket. It was once the home of the Longaberger Basket company, before they moved to their even larger, 7 story basket in Newark.

2016 12 24 2 Dresden OH.jpg


Later we made a stop in New Rumney, Ohio to visit the Ohio Historical Society tribute to the native son George Custer.

2016 12 24 21 New Rumney OH Custer Monument.jpg


As we reached Steubenville we found a nicely restored 1970s Sohio Gas Station, complete with memorabilia inside. Functioning today as just a garage, with the signs at the pumps pointing out ‘no gas  – just memories’; the garage was supposed to be closed that day but someone was working on a car and let us in to check it out.

2016 12 24 29 Steubenville OH Sohio Museum.jpg


Finally we arrived at Fort Steuben to the nutcracker display. A local family, whom we met when we were there, designed and built all of them. With over 100 of them all featuring a famous character or person, it was a very impressive display.

2016 12 24 95 Steubenville OH Nutracker Village.jpg


As you entered you came upon the Rat Pack, including Steubenville favorite son Dean Martin.

2016 12 24 34 Steubenville OH Nutracker Village.jpg


The hundred characters lined both sides of the sidewalks leading to the old fort.

2016 12 24 83 Steubenville OH Nutracker Village.jpg


As we were leaving Steubenville we came upon a sculpture honoring the steel workers, overlooking the valley with the mills still cranking out smoke.

2016 12 24 117 Steubenville OH.jpg


Our day to Steubenville turned out to be a really good day, with the nutcrackers easily being the highlight.