Columbus – February 2017 – Easy Riders Bike Show

The second Sunday of February found us at the Columbus Convention Center (again), this time for the Easy Riders Motorcycle show.

Easy Riders magazine has been around since 1970, emphasizing customized motorcycles and usually scantily clad women. This show had mostly the former, with about 100 custom bikes.

2017 02 12 104 Columbus Easy Riders Bike Show.jpg


While I enjoy motorcycles, I am not normally a Harley fan, as I appreciate the speed and grace of the sport bikes. This show however did a nice job showcasing the artistic approach that the people who customized the bikes took.

2017 02 12 86 Columbus Easy Riders Bike Show.jpg


While most were stretched and chopped, with an amazing array of unusual approaches, including massive front wheels, belt drives, and an eclectic number of themes, many seemed to deal with death.

2017 02 12 28 Columbus Easy Riders Bike Show.jpg


The crowd was almost all older guys in full Harley attire, with the leather and tattoos, chains and long grey ponytails, but to each their own. While it did provide a number of interesting photo subjects, the lighting and bare set up of the convention center, couple with the relatively high price to get in ($20) makes me think this will be a once in a lifetime experience. It paled in comparison with the Progressive Motorcycle Show at the IX Center in Cleveland.

2017 02 12 7 Columbus Easy Riders Bike Show.jpg


Next door was an RV show, which other than Spiderman, provided no decent photo ops.

2017 02 12 124 Columbus RV Show.jpg