Columbus – February 2017 – PBA Bowling Tournament Pro-Am

Reviewing the various events in Ohio for this mid February weekend I found that they were having a Professional Bowling Association tournament at a bowling center called Wayne Webb’s Columbus Bowl in the south end of town, giving me a new challenge in photography.

2017 02 11 102 Columbus PBA Tournament Pro Am.jpg


The PBA is not like the PGA where the players regularly earn millions, and the venue was in an older area of town, so the atmosphere was very different that most professional sporting events I have attend, more personal. When we arrived there was a long line out the door of people coming in with small roller bags with the bowling balls and equipment.

I found that this center had interesting lighting of the pins. Instead of harsh white light across the entire area, it was direction on the top of the pins. With a 600mm zoom I was able to capture the reflection of the pins on the lanes, as well as the ball arriving. Even emphasizing shutter speed the pins that were hit blurred, but those missed stayed clear.

2017 02 11 96 Columbus PBA Tournament Pro Am.jpg


While most of the people who had come to town and paid $69 were good bowlers, it was easy to tell the pros as their form was just smoother. The pro’s also had their PBA tour patches on their colorful shirts.

2017 02 11 99 Columbus PBA Tournament Pro Am.jpg


When they announced the players involved, I had only heard of one of them, Pete Weber. But in the end everyone was friendly, with the PBA event crew even letting me wander around the unused lanes for their scheduled Sunday televised event, with the entire stop providing a few cool shots. Who knew the reflection of pins and balls on the oiled lanes could look so good.

2017 02 11 92 Columbus PBA Tournament Pro Am.jpg