Columbus – February 2017 -Cowtown Culture * Custom Cars

Columbus, Ohio has the sometimes used nickname of Cowtown. This name, as far as I know, has three common originating theories – first is there was once a large dairy farm at the south end of town, second is it was home to Borden’s Dairy for many years.

The third most common theory is what was once a famous poster; Ohio State University is one of the largest in the country with over 50,000 undergraduate students. The campus stretches on both sides of the Olentangy River, and on the west side the Agriculture School still exists. In the 1980s the poster in question showed a herd of cows in the foreground with the 500′ high skyscrapers of downtown Columbus (about 5 miles away) in the background. Hence ‘Cowtown’

2017 02 19 108 Columbus.jpg


Today the area really tries to downplay the ‘Cowtown’ label, using C-Bus and many others in it’s place. In our couple of years here we have experienced much of the culture of Columbus, from the art museum to the Doo Dah Parade, Bowling to Equestrian events. This day – custom cars.

2017 02 19 94 Columbus Summit Racing Custom Car Show.jpg


In what has recently been our weekly outing to the Convention Center we spent 30 minutes before the doors opened watching a huge girls volleyball tournament in the hall next door, before heading in for the cars.

2017 02 19 31 Columbus Summit Racing Custom Car Show.jpg


As with the previous week’s bike show, it was held on the bare concrete floor. However the car guys did a much better job presenting their prized possession.

2017 02 19 22 Columbus Summit Racing Custom Car Show.jpg


With this our second custom car show of the winter we did see some repeats from the Cincinnati show, and in reality the one there was better overall, more content and more exhibitions. It was however a good way to spend a couple of hours, despite the harsh convention center lighting making photography a challenge.

2017 02 19 88 Columbus Summit Racing Custom Car Show.jpg


2017 02 19 69 Columbus Summit Racing Custom Car Show.jpg