Delphos, OH – March 2017 – Postal Museum

The small northwest Ohio town of Delphos, like all American towns has a post office. But Delphos goes one better, they have one of 3 Postal Museums in the country. Their long time postmaster, Gary Levitt, started collection Postal Memorabilia and displayed it in the post office lobby until it became too large, so it was moved to a former horse livery.

As you enter the museum you are greeted by a large elephant covered in stamps, along with a mural depicting the town and a postal wagon.

2017 03 18 226 Delphos OH Postal Museum.jpg


One of the first exhibits shows an older postal office, complete with the sorting bins, tables, and a great looking old bell.

2017 03 18 229 Delphos OH Postal Museum.jpg


Throughout the museum are a number of old stamp machines. Once ubiquitous, they are now a relic of the past. Many have a classic elegance to them.

Also located in the museum are hundreds of thousands of stamps from various collections.

2017 03 18 240 Delphos OH Postal Museum.jpg


A number of postal based toys are included in the exhibits.

2017 03 18 247 Delphos OH Postal Museum.jpg


The highlights of the museum are the antique postal delivery vehicles including a sled, a wagon and a number of small 3 wheeled scooters.

2017 03 18 245 Delphos OH Postal Museum.jpg


2017 03 18 256 Delphos OH Postal Museum.jpg