Dayton – April 2017 – America’s Packard Museum Revisited

Since we were running ahead on our day in Dayton, we made a return visit to the America’s Packard Museum. We had visited this museum a couple of years ago and were pleasantly surprised to see they had completely rearranged the automobiles on display, swapping out many of them for others in their collection.


2017 04 08 102 Dayton Packard Museum.jpg



The post war collection has been greatly enhanced as well.

2017 04 08 111 Dayton Packard Museum.jpg


2017 04 08 117 Dayton Packard Museum.jpg


As always with Packard’s there is an amazing collection of hood ornaments.

2017 04 08 137 Dayton Packard Museum.jpg


Located in a former Packard Dealership in downtown Dayton, the entire place gives off a feel of travelling in time (luxury time travel at that). There are few locations that are as good to visit a second time, but the Packard Museum is one of them.

2017 04 08 84 Dayton Packard Museum.jpg