Dayton – April 2017 – British Transportation Museum

Our primary destination in Dayton on this beautiful Saturday was to visit the British Transportation Museum. Located in a former grocery store warehouse the volunteers here are passionate about restoring British vehicles, and sharing the stories behind them. While there are many automobile museums in flashy buildings, or with larger collections, the people we met here were some of the friendliest.

2017 04 08 58 Dayton British Transportation Museum.jpg


I found this place on an internet search, and a couple hours after sending an email to the contact person (Pete) I received a reply welcoming us to come by the next day.

2017 04 08 65 Dayton British Transportation Museum.jpg


They have a nice collection including Mini’s, Jaguar’s, Austin’s, Triumphs and many others. The old building gives a true motor head feel to the place.

2017 04 08 76 Dayton British Transportation Museum.jpg


We were even treated to a tour of the auxiliary building where they store some of their overflow, as well as renting out space to others to store cars, as well as giant rolls of rubber/plastic seals for who knows what. What it did do was give one the ‘found a classic in a barn’ feel.

2017 04 08 75 Dayton British Transportation Museum.jpg

For every Nethercutt I will take a trip to places like the British Transportation Museum in Dayton.