Columbus – April 2017 – Wagner Hagens Auto Museum

2017 04 29 37 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.jpg


German Village in Columbus is a great neighborhood with mostly small brick houses, on very small lots, situated on small brick streets. Because of the demand for space in German Village I was amazed when I came across an article that talked about an ‘auto museum’ in the neighborhood. This is not a neighborhood where you would expect something like this.

2015 05 31 27 German Village Walking Tour.jpg

The Wagner Hagens Auto Museum was listed as being open by appointment, with a phone number listed. Once I called I spoke to Steve, who said we could come over that morning.

We arrived right as another group was leaving, and was able to find parking on the street just down the block. The garage door was open and we walked in to find a great collection of cars jammed in the garage.

2017 04 29 1 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.jpg


Steve welcomed us, and proceeded to tell us about he and his business partners passion of collecting, including not only the cars but a significant amount of memorabilia.

2017 04 29 8 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.jpg


Up front was a great collection of 50s ‘Detroit Iron’, a Nomad, Edsel, and many others. Towards the rear was a collection of Packards.

2017 04 29 16 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.jpg


While the 50s cars were nice, nothing compares in style to the Packards.

2017 04 29 19 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.jpg


Also throughout was Steve’s collection of unique license plates, which included many hard to find plates.

2017 04 29 32 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.jpg


Best of all were the stories that he shared on not only the acquisition of the cars, but also of the history of the cars themselves.

2017 04 29 35 Columbus Wagner Hagens Auto Museum.jpg


Situated in an old auto shop garage, with most everything in original state, a visit to the Wagner Hagens Auto Museum is well worth the time. And it was topped off with a bratwurst sandwich at the nearby Mohawk Restaurant, what a perfect morning.