Columbus – June 2017 – Comfest

Held in Goodale Park in Columbus, Comfest is a community festival that according to their website is guided by the principals that people ought to work for the collective good of all people rather than for personal gain; The basic necessities of life are a right and not a privilege; People should strive to conduct their lives in harmony with the environment; We recognize that there are primary attitudes which divide and oppress people – We seek to eliminate these attitudes (they are actually longer – check their website for full details)

The festival is full of crafts, music, various groups making various political statements, and thousands of people having a good time – easily the highlight are the people. Another highly recommended event.

Making art to the music.

2017 06 25 70 Columbus Comfest.jpg


One of the members of a band. They had the Dead covers down perfect.

2017 06 25 72 Columbus Comfest.jpg


Someone who decorated one of the portable toilets.

2017 06 25 79 Columbus Comfest.jpg


Promoting Veganism.

2017 06 25 93 Columbus Comfest.jpg


A happy dancer

2017 06 25 95 Columbus Comfest.jpg


Another happy dancer

2017 06 25 98 Columbus Comfest.jpg


More happy dancers

2017 06 25 103 Columbus Comfest.jpg


Bongo session.

2017 06 25 107 Columbus Comfest.jpg


He was in a kilt – and I was standing next to some cool sculpture – what could be better.

2017 06 25 110 Columbus Comfest.jpg