Waterfalls Day, Alberta and British Columbia – September 2017

A drive through Alberta and BC turned out to be ‘Waterfalls Day’, but not before meeting some locals along the road.

2017 09 06 28 Maligne Canyon Alberta.jpg



First stop was Maligne Canyon, Alberta. This very narrow canyon featured a nice waterfalls with numerous erosion ‘pots’ along the river.

2017 09 06 20 Maligne Canyon Alberta.jpg



After crossing into British Columbia, we found Rearguard Falls. It is noted as the furthest into the mountains that salmon make it from the Pacific Ocean to spawn. Unfortunately we saw none, even though this is the time of year they migrate.

2017 09 06 37 Rearguard Falls BC.jpg



In Wells Gray Provincial Park we found Spahats Falls, taller than Niagara. We thought that was amazing until we continued on to….

2017 09 06 85 Spahat Falls BC.jpg



Helmcken Falls – 420′ high, nearly 3 times the height of Niagara, with great volume as well.

2017 09 06 62 Helmcken Falls BC.jpg



The water rushing over provided excellent visuals providing a great ending to Waterfalls Day.

2017 09 06 56 Helmcken Falls BC.jpg






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