Vancouver – September 2017 – False Creek and Granville Island

One of the inlets in the Vancouver area is known as False Creek. In the middle of this waterway is Granville Island, a man made island that was originally used for industry but most have left, as restaurants, housing and parks have taken over.

2017 09 08 144 Vancouver.jpg




The views across the waterway to downtown are great.

2017 09 08 152 Vancouver.jpg




The one remaining industrial business, Ocean Concrete, has gotten into the artistic spirit.

2017 09 08 158 Vancouver.jpg




There are numerous houses build on the piers.

2017 09 08 161 Vancouver.jpg




As well as many high end boats docked alongside.

2017 09 08 168 Vancouver.jpg




Another view downtown.

2017 09 08 181 Vancouver.jpg




Palm trees in Canada?

2017 09 08 183 Vancouver.jpg







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