Everett, Washington – September 2017 – Boeing Factory Tour

Boeing Airplanes are built (among other places) in Everett, Washington in what is billed as the World’s Largest Building by volume.

We took a tour in which they did not permit any camera’s at all inside, however someone on the internet obviously violated this rule so to give an idea of what it looks like I borrowed theirs!

boeing interior.jpg


There are 6 large bays, 3 for the assembly of the 747 and 767, the other 3 for the 777 and 787. The doors are immense.

2017 09 12 17 Everett WA Boeing Factory.jpg



The 787 has parts flown into Everett on modified 747s.

2017 09 12 47 Everett WA Boeing Factory.jpg



Planes with their green vinyl wrappers awaiting paint jobs.

2017 09 12 81 Everett WA Boeing Factory.jpg



The visitor center included the ‘Future of Flight’ museum.

2017 09 12 50 Everett WA Boeing Factory.jpg



2017 09 12 63 Everett WA Boeing Factory.jpg



Even the hotel is in the airplane theme, with an old wing and part of a fuselage for a canopy.

2017 09 12 86 Everett WA Boeing Factory.jpg




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