New York City – April 2018 – Sunday Morning on the High Line

The High Line runs for about 1.5 miles across the lower west side of Manhattan. Originally an elevated freight line to get commerce in and out of the industrial and warehouses that once populated the area, it has been transformed into an urban park.

2018 04 29 13 New York City.jpg




Along much of the path the original rails have been retained and planted with native plants.

2018 04 29 15 New York City.jpg


A few spots traverse through the original buildings, all of which have been restored.

2018 04 29 16 New York City.jpg




One of the spur lines that went directly into a building is a ‘garden’. While it may look like weeds to most, they want it to look that way.  A tree many grow in Brooklyn but Manhattan has trendy weeds (and not those kind)

2018 04 29 18 New York City.jpg




There is some art work along the path as well.

2018 04 29 30 New York City.jpg




Recently it has been extended to the booming area of Hudson Yards.

2018 04 29 34 New York City.jpg

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