Baltimore – May 2018 – Historic Heights

Baltimore has two historic towers, made for vastly different purposes.

First up is the Phoenix Shot Tower. When completed in 1828 it was the tallest structure in America, rising to a height of 234′.

A shot tower was used to make bullets by carrying the molten lead to the top of the tower and dropping chunks of it down the height. The falling motion formed them into round balls, where at the bottom they landed in vats of water.


2018 05 05 199 Baltimore Shot Tower.jpg




The interior was a massive staircase with the open space for the projectiles to fall.

2018 05 05 200 Baltimore Shot Tower.jpg




The manual elevator had a unique emergency brake, essentially used to slow it enough for someone to get it stopped.

2018 05 05 208 Baltimore Shot Tower.jpg




While there are taller buildings in Baltimore, the Phoenix Shot Tower still stands out.

2018 05 05 216 Baltimore Shot Tower.jpg




Nearby is the Bromo Seltzer Clock Tower. Rising 289′ above the streets the clock tower was used as offices for the Bromo Seltzer Company, as well as offering all of Baltimore the Time of Day since 1911.

2018 05 05 235 Bromo Seltzer Clock Tower.jpg




There are 4 large clock hands.

2018 05 05 229 Bromo Seltzer Clock Tower.jpg




The original hands are on display inside the clock tower.

2018 05 05 248 Bromo Seltzer Clock Tower.jpg




Which is still letting the people of Baltimore know what time it is.

2018 05 05 254 Bromo Seltzer Clock Tower.jpg

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