Bradford, PA – May 2018 – Zippo Lighters

The Zippo Manufacturing company produced the first Zippo lighter in 1933 in the small northern Pennsylvania town of Bradford. The company continues to this day producing their quality product, guaranteed for life.

They ceased doing factory tours a few years ago, opting instead for a small museum and store. As you arrive you are greeted by their ‘Zippo Car’, as well as some of the coolest street lights you will ever see.




An American flag adorns the entrance.





Made out of hundreds of Zippo lighters – many with artwork.





Other displays showcase their company history.





Zippo has always made lighters as tributes to various people, organizations and events. The ones below were made for the Apollo space missions.





A series of Rolling Stones lighters.





As noted there are no factory tours, but they do have the repair shop at this facility. It was unfortunately unused as it was the Friday before a holiday weekend.





If they can’t fix it they will replace it. A display case showed some of the un-repairable ones





If you find yourself in Bradford, Pennsylvania (which is tough – it is far from any cities) check out the Zippo Museum.


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