Amish Country, OH – June 2018 – A variety of scenes

Sugarcreek is the center of Amish Country in Ohio, and with our trip to see the Age of Steam Roundhouse (other posting) we passed a strange mix of sights, including the photo above with an Amish buggy in front of what they claim is the world’s largest cuckoo clock.

On the way we passed the numerous farms in the area.

2018 06 09 193 Sugarcreek OH.jpg



The large corn crib nearly full provided an interesting shot.

2018 06 09 191 Sugarcreek OH.jpg



When we arrived in town we found that many of the buildings had murals on the front depicting Switzerland, as the town was founded by the Swiss and they continue to play up this fact for tourists.

2018 06 09 192 Sugarcreek OH.jpg



Including the fire station.

2018 06 09 203 Sugarcreek OH.jpg



Only to find …. a car show!

2018 06 09 210 Sugarcreek OH.jpg



With some strange rides

2018 06 09 221 Sugarcreek OH.jpg



And some nice ones.

2018 06 09 238 Sugarcreek OH.jpg



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