Columbus – June 2018 – Annual Arts Fair

After our morning and early afternoon in Amish Country we returned to the city to attend the annual Arts Festival.

Our first stop was one of the music venues, where all the spectators were off to the sides to sit in the shade on this hot day (including us).

2018 06 09 251 Columbus.jpg



There are hundreds of artist and vendor tents, with an expected 3 day crowd of over 400,000 people.

2018 06 09 252 Columbus.jpg



The young lady playing the violin was very skilled – much to the amusement of the old man.

2018 06 09 253 Columbus.jpg




An artist who specialized in what appeared to be high end comic art had decoration on top of their tent.

2018 06 09 257 Columbus.jpg




A demonstration of pottery making.

2018 06 09 260 Columbus.jpg




Our plans were to check out a baseball game in the evening, but the weather did not cooperate. It was however a spectacular thunderstorm.

2018 06 09 272 Columbus.jpg

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