Worthington, Ohio – June 2018 – Come for the Produce, Stay for the Art

The town of Worthington, Ohio was settled in 1803 by settlers from Connecticut. As a result the center of town resembles a New England town, complete with the village green. Long an affluent Columbus suburb, Worthington has a year round farmers market, with the summer season held in the village green area.

This farmers market is nice, with an interesting selection of produce (when in season), meats and a collection of hipster booths like artistic chocolate and little bags of pasta from Cleveland. Still we enjoy going down to buy local honey and other items.

This week though we had a surprise in that the annual Worthington Arts Festival was being held.

2018 06 16 2 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg



Over 100 artists had booths set up offer a variety of mediums including ceramics, paintings, photography, fiber, glass, jewelry, metalwork, leather work, and sculptures.

A local art teacher makes Bruce the Garden Shark – whose role is in theory to be like a scarecrow. We brought one home to ward off the groundhogs and skunks.

2018 06 16 3 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg




While the much larger Columbus Arts Festival attracts artists from all over the country this one was mostly local artists, including this one who did a mixed media sculpture.

2018 06 16 9 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg



There were a number of wood carvers making sure we know we are in Ohio.

2018 06 16 12 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg



A clay ceramics artist had great skill in his use of paints and approaches to his firings to make interesting pieces.

2018 06 16 13 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg




Interested in the steam punk look?

2018 06 16 15 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg




A husband and wife team had a wood/glass mix.

2018 06 16 16 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg




Finally a basket of funky little characters.

2018 06 16 18 Worthington OH Arts Festival.jpg



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