New York City – September 2018 – Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building is the most stylish skyscraper in New York City. Built in the late 1920s, it was for a few months the tallest building in the world – losing out to the Empire State Building once their construction completed.

To most, it is most famous for it’s ‘hood ornaments’, befitting a building built for a car company.

2018 09 26 26 New York City.jpg



Built in the classic art deco style, it appears to have perfect symmetry, but in reality the building is built in a trapezoid shape. This shape is a result of it being built on land that had been laid out along the path of the old Boston Post Road, which pre-dated the 1811 Manhattan Grid Plan.

2018 09 26 23 New York City.jpg



With a height over 1,000 feet it is the tallest brick building in the world.

2018 09 26 27 New York City.jpg



The 61st floor features eagles.

2018 09 26 28 New York City.jpg




In 1916 New York City enacted a ‘setback’ law. This law did not limit height, but required setbacks in the design to allow light and air to reach the streets below.

As a result many of the buildings built from then until the 1950s have a ‘wedding cake’ style to them.

2018 09 26 29 New York City.jpg




As noted previously the ‘gargoyles’ on the Chrysler Building are hood ornaments. The ones featured on the 31st floor are enlargements of the exact hood ornaments on the Chrysler automobiles of the day.

2018 09 26 37 New York City.jpg




The style and color of the ornaments blend perfectly with the lightly colored bricks.

2018 09 26 38 New York City.jpg



The crown is capped using ‘Nircosta’ stainless steel, as are the ornaments, window frames and needle.

2018 09 26 40 New York City



An entrance to the building continues the art deco theme.

2018 09 26 41 New York City.jpg



According to the documentation, the lobby is representative of German Impressionism.

2018 09 26 49 New York City.jpg



The lobby floors are massive pieces of African red granite, with Italian travertine in the elevator entrances.

2018 09 26 51 New York City.jpg



In addition to the travertine, the elevator lobbies have ornate wall designs.

2018 09 26 54 New York City.jpg



While many New York City landmarks won’t even let you in the lobby (talking to you Woolworth Building), visitors are welcome here, albeit only in the lobby.

The security guard did point out to me that we should wait for this specific express elevator to arrive and open as it has a unique interior.

2018 09 26 58 New York City.jpg



The ceiling has a large mural called ‘Transport and Human Endeavor’.

2018 09 26 60 New York City.jpg



A longer view of one of the elevator lobbies. There are 32 elevators in total.

2018 09 26 61 New York City.jpg



The lower level continues the art deco look, only in black.

2018 09 26 62 New York City.jpg



The Chrysler Building – One of the best.

2018 09 26 65 New York City.jpg





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