Houston – May 2019 – Art Car Museum

One of Houston’s most famous annual events is the Art Car Parade. For more than 30 years people have decorated their vehicles and paraded them in the streets of Houston. Today there are more than 200 cars that participate in the parade. This knowledge gave me high hopes of finding interesting sights at the Art Car Museum.

After multiple attempts we were able to find a legal parking space, we arrived and were greeted by this 1960 era Ford Station Wagon, decorated like Carmen Miranda.

To our surprise when we entered we found.. an art museum.

To be fair the art was interestingly quirky, but it appears to be more of a museum with a couple of art cars, rather than an art car museum.

In addition to the one car outside, there were 3 cars inside.

There is a video wall running a video of the history of the parade. This only made the small number of cars more frustrating.

In the end it was an interesting little museum with a few art cars. After our success that day with Smithers Park and Lucky Land it was disappointing.

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