Marathon, Texas – May 2019 – The Gage Hotel

Our trip west through Texas had the small town of Marathon as a destination for the night. Marathon is the closest town, coming from the east, to Big Bend National Park, our destination for the next day.

We were fortunate enough to get a room at the Gage Hotel. Built in 1927, and serving travelers ever since, the Gage was a great stop for the night.

The entire compound has a ‘high end western’ vibe to it.

There were lots of cattle skulls throughout.

While there are a few rooms in the main buildings, most, including ours, was in the rows of rooms surrounding a courtyard.

There were a number of public spaces for just hanging out.

The lobby was decorated similarly.

More cow skulls showed the way to the bar and restaurant.

The White Buffalo Bar – appropriately named for the mounted Albino Bison head. We had a great evening having dinner and conversation with the fellow travelers who had come from all over Texas and beyond specifically to dine and sleep at the Gage Hotel.

The sunset over the railroad tracks and mountains to the west was spectacular, but was interrupted by the daily Amtrak train passing through (it does not stop in Marathon).

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