Looking for Something to Do

After hundreds of posts I have realized that it is at times difficult to find information about a particular location. I have attempted to simplify that by creating a Google Map with pins for all of the information in all of the posts.

A post might have multiple pins if different venues were featured. In some cases a single pin will have multiple posts as I have revisited many locations and featured them more than once.

There are pins throughout the US and Canada, as well as a a few in Europe, India and Argentina.

The link for the map is https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?hl=en&mid=1Gb2Bta7cEq6SFkZpEDN9uni6uBjwANsR&ll=18.50690923595228%2C-108.85707795000002&z=4

Below is a screen shot of the map

Different browser behave differently when a pin is selected. In Chrome it brings up something similar to:

If you select the link it will bring up the posting.

IE brings up a different look. It has the link to the posting but includes additional links to photos off of Google as well. Other browsers may function altogether differently.

Good luck and happy travels.

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