Buenos Aires – November 2019 – A Night of Football

Most people when they are in Buenos Aires want to see some soccer/football, as the Argentine fans are known as some of the most passionate. When they come to the city they usually want to see one of the two ‘big time’ teams, Boca Juniors or River Plate.

I however had the chance to go to a very cool old stadium in the Parque Patricios barrio to watch a game with friends and their neighborhood team the Huracan (Hurricanes in English). What an atmosphere.

The small crowd was passionate, with drums and singing occurring throughout the game. Soccer the way it is meant to be, and to attend it with my friends and her family (her father has been coming to games here for almost 70 years) was a bonus.

2 thoughts on “Buenos Aires – November 2019 – A Night of Football

  1. I am travelling, from England, for five games of football in five days in February. Huracan will be the last game; can’t wait to see that most magnificent stadium. Any tips on pre-match routines / bars / meeting points?


    1. There are a number of places near the Parque Patricios Subte/Subway station that are nice, and nearby the Club Atletico Huracan club. I would suggest going with a friend to the stadium. Depending on the time you may need Uber/Taxi to return to the main part of the city after the game.

      I would also suggest only taking a small point and click camera as it is a) unlikely you will get anything larger into the stadium b) you might not have it afterward.


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