Virtual Travel – Georgia

We make our way north from Florida for the next stop on the Virtual Tour to Georgia. As with most states the cities are very different from the rest of the state, but nowhere is this more pronounced than Georgia. During our time living there we would say we didn’t live in Georgia, we live in Atlanta.

Still there is much to the state outside of Atlanta. With the Piedmont in the north and the beaches in the south, there is plenty to see and do in Georgia.

The oldest map in the collection is from 1949.

Government State Georgia 1949.jpg




1953 – The Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta is featured on the cover. This building was completed in 1889, having been built to support the move of the state government from Milledgeville after the war.

Government State Georgia 1953.jpg




The reverse side contains city maps, including downtown Atlanta. Note the first portion of the Downtown Connector has been completed, with plans for the Northwest and Northeast Expressways.

Government State Georgia 1953 3.jpg


Downtown Connector – 1955 & 2019. That’s what happens when the metro population goes from 1 million to 6 million in a little over 60 years.

Atlanta, Georgia - 1955    Atlanta, Georgia, ranks No. 4 for most aggressive drivers - Curbed ...



Sailing has been featured a couple of times. Left 1966, Right 1982

Government State Georgia 1966        Government State Georgia 1982



Atlanta Skyline on the maps – 1968 & 2009. In 1968 there were 3 buildings in Atlanta over 400′ tall. Today there are 39.

Government State Georgia 1968.jpg        Government State Georgia 2009

1968 Skyline

Skyline 1968


2019 Skyline (photo by Curbed Atlanta)




1970 – Unidentified country scene

Government State Georgia 1970.jpg




1972 – Forsyth Fountain in Savannah

Government State Georgia 1972.jpg


The same fountain in 2020 (photos – Visit Savannah Tourist Website)


Savannah is a historic city with beautiful parks and antebellum architecture.

Travel Guide: Things to Do in Savannah, GA - Rachael Ray In Season



1976 – Bicentennial Map.

Government State Georgia 1976.jpg



The backside of the 1976 map details Georgia’s role during the revolution. Note the state encompassed the area that is now Alabama and Mississippi.

Government State Georgia 1976 2.jpg




1980 – View from the top of Amicalola Falls. These watefalls are the highest in Georgia, with a drop of over 700′.

Government State Georgia 1980.jpg


Same view 40 years later (photos from Wikipedia)


Main cascade




1983 – Road construction in the colonial times.

Government State Georgia 1983.jpg




1984 – State Route 2 in far northeastern Georgia. While much of the state has had dramatic growth, Northeastern Georgia looks much the same.

Government State Georgia 1984.jpg



1989 – Celebrating Georgia’s most famous crop – peanuts.

Government State Georgia 1989.jpg


Believe it or not they now do ‘Peanut Tours’





For 1993 and 1993 the map was produced by Southern Living Magazine, resulting in nondescript scenes.

Government State Georgia 1993       Government State Georgia 1996.jpg


The Georgia coast, while short, has a number of highlights including Tybee Island (photo from visittybee website)

Visit Tybee Island | The Official Guide to Tybee Island, GA


Jekyll Island was once the winter home to the very rich. Today many of the ‘cottages’ remain.

Jekyll Island Club Resort | Jekyll Island – Georgia's Vacation ...




2002 and 2003 highlighted Georgia’s other famous crop – peaches. Ironically despite being the Peach State Georgia ranks #4 in peach production behind, amazingly, New Jersey!

California grows more peaches than the rest of the country combined.

Government State Georgia 2002.jpg       Government State Georgia 2003.jpg



2007 – Not happy kids at a Horticultural Center.

Government State Georgia 2007.jpg




2008 – Lake Lanier. This massive lake is a result of the damming of the Chattahoochee River in 1956. The lake provides water for Atlanta, although the downriver states (Florida and Alabama) are constantly arguing with Georgia about the water rights.

Government State Georgia 2008.jpg



With suburbia having reached the shores, there is also a constant battle to preserve the undeveloped areas.

Lake Lanier | Official Georgia Tourism & Travel Website | Explore ...




2011 – Blackstock Vineyards and Winery in Dahlonega

Government State Georgia 2011.jpg


Dahlonega is a cool little town in the mountains of North Georgia. Originally a center for a gold rush, the town has relied on tourism for 100 years. (photo from Pintrest).

Related image




2013 – A $6 million dollar bridge to Fort Benning, complete with a fountain that can turn itself off if it is too windy. Fort Benning has the population of a medium sized city, with over 100,000 people.

Government State Georgia 2013.jpg




For 2015 & 2016 rural scenes returned.

Government State Georgia 2015.jpg        Government State Georgia 2017.jpg







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