Tucson – March 2022 – The Best of Murals

Tucson has literally hundreds of murals scattered around town. These, in my opinion, are the best.

‘Howdy From Tucson’
960 South Freeway — Tuxon Hotel
Artists – Joe Pagac, Arielle Pagac-Alelunas, Lena Alelunas, and Brett Wolgemuth
Community Foundation Campus Mural
5049 East Broadway Blvd
Artist – Ignacio Garcia
Tribute to video game ‘Earthbound’, which has a town called Twoson in it
5055 East Speedway Blvd
Artist – Ignacio Garcia
Loft Cinema
3233 East Speedway Blvd
Artist – Jessica Gonzalez
Momo’s Mexican Restaurant
1838 East 6th Street
Artist – Danny Martin
Sahara Apartments
919 North Stone Ave
Artists – Joe Pagac and Katherine Joyce
‘Roadrunner Cycling’
601 North Stone Ave
Joe Pagac
‘Epic Rides’
534 North Stone Avenue
Artist – Joe Pagac77
‘Epic Rides’
534 North Stone Avenue
Artist – Joe Pagac
‘Goddess of Agave’
440 North 7th Avenue
Artist – Rock Martinez
‘Families Belong Together, Water & Thorns’
86 East Alameda Street
Artists – Racheal Rios & Carlos Valenzuela
‘El Tour de Tucson’
177 North Church Avenue
Artists – Joe Pagac, Katherine Joyce, Arielle Alelunas and Brady Fellows
Solar Culture Gallery
31 East Toole Avenue
‘Harboring Beauty’
191 East Toole Avenue
Artist Joe Pagac
319 West Simpson Street
Artist – Isaac Caruso
‘La Pilita Cultural Center’
401 S Main Avenue
Artist – Martin Moreno
Hotel McCoy Mural – I am unable to locate the name or artist (any help will be greatly appreciated)
Hotel McCoy
720 West Silverlake Road
Artist – Joe Pagac
Arizona Arts Live
702 South Stone Avenue
Artist – Robb Harris
Old Pueblo Parking Garage
33 West Congress Street
Artist – Danny Martin
‘Salvador Duran’
111 South 6th Avenue
Artist – Diego Roa
178 East Broadway Blvd
Artist – Fin Dac
‘La Mujer Empoderada’ (The Empowered Woman)
1 North 5th Avenue
Artist – Ignacio Garcia
One of a series of murals at 197 East Toole Avenue – Studio One (A Place for Art and Activism). Tucson is located in the historic lands of the Tohono O’odham.
English Salon Spa
27 North Scott Avenue
Artist – Rachel Fitz
Cobra Arcade
63 East Congress Street
Artist – El Mac
‘Barrio Viejo’
600 South Meyer Avenue
Artist – Johanna Martinez

‘Dream of a Sunday Afternoon In Menlo Park’
Avenida Del Palo Fierro
Artist – Rock Martinez
La Chaiteria
1002 West Congress Street
Artist – Alejandra Trujillo
‘Butterfly Lady’
1016 West St Marys Road
Artists – Sawaki & Wagon Burner Arts

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