Palm Canyon, California – July 2022 – A Natural Oasis in the Desert

Palm Canyon, California is at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains, just beyond the city of Palm Springs. With a constant source of water, the canyon is home to majestic California Fan Palm trees.

Even though it was around 100 degrees F for our 3 mile roundtrip hike, we were in the shade of the palms for most of the hike, making it a fairly pleasant walk.

The canyon is an amazing place!

The canyon walls were steep, with the trees sometimes growing out of the walls themselves.

The small stream ran down the length of the grove of trees.

There was evidence of a previous wildfire, as some of the trees had burn marks.

Andreas Canyon was a short distance away. While not as extensive as Palm Canyon, it was still well worth the hike.

After a morning of hiking it was time to head back down to the unnatural oasis of Palm Springs (next posting).

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