Maricopa, Arizona – August 2022 – Honey I Shrunk The Car

Driving through the Arizona desert we were headed for a unique place. Once we arrived the initial thought was ‘this is just a collection of rusted cars’. Cool, but not what I was expecting.

After wandering the ‘collection’ we approached a garage.

Inside we met Ernie Adams and two of his sons.

Since the mid 1960s Ernie has been making scaled down versions of fully functional automobiles. Dubbed ‘Dwarf Cars’, Ernie now has a collection of these in his shop in the desert about an hour south of Phoenix.

Today his sons work with him on this quirky, but very cool, collection. The irony of photography is unless you have a person (or some other object) nearby for scale you can’t really tell they are shrunk down versions. Fortunately there were some people milling about, including Ernie’s wife.

A big shout out to Ernie and his sons for welcoming us into their garage and showing us around!

2 thoughts on “Maricopa, Arizona – August 2022 – Honey I Shrunk The Car

    1. The address is 52954 W Halfmoon Rd, Maricopa, AZ 85139. It is located out in the desert, not too far north of I-8.


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