El Paso – September 2022 – Historic Missions

The El Paso area is home to 3 historic missions. All of the missions were founded in an effort to convert the native population.

We started with the Presidio Chapel of San Elizaro. The original building was constructed in 1789 as a fort (hence the name Presidio).

The buildings were destroyed in a flood in 1829, and thereafter the use of the fort was rendered unnecessary with Mexico’s independence from Spain. In 1882 the existing chapel was constructed.

In addition to the chapel there are other period buildings in the area.

Socorro Mission is about 5 miles up the road to El Paso. The mission here dates from the late 1600s, which again was destroyed by floods in the 1800s. The current building was completed in 1843, with a major reconstruction occurring in 1995.

During the reconstruction the original ceiling was repurposed and included in the remodel.

The sconces include artistic interpretations of the church itself.

Our final stop is at the oldest of the 3 missions, Yselta. Dating from 1660, this building too is a replacement for one that was destroyed in floods.

Artistic elements in the interior include tributes to the native population that the mission has served.

5 thoughts on “El Paso – September 2022 – Historic Missions

    1. Thanks. Perhaps a bit biased but I think the ones near Tucson and Nogales AZ/Sonora are more impressive because they are the original buildings and grounds. The El Paso area ones are unique in that they are regularly used – I had to hurry to get an interior shot of Presidio Chapel because a wedding was about to start.

      I agree the San Antonio missions are very cool as well.

      Of course the California missions are likely the best overall from a photography perspective.

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      1. Mission Concepcion in San Antonio is the original church and that was my favorite. The others didn’t fare so well and much has been rebuilt. There is another Mission site that I visited in Menard TX, but only the foundations remained.


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